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It was my pleasure dealing with a professional in every way in recent need of eliminating odors in a rental unit I oversee. I have used this service several times and I am pleased with every aspect.
Barbara Holland


I was skeptical of duct cleaning. But needed to address dirty ducts. Very happy that I found Michael. Knowledgeable, taking time to explain the process & answered all my questions Neat and did not rush the job. thorough cleaning. I am planning on having him back when needed again.
Denise S., FL

Michael arrived on time in a WHITE dress shirt to clean our ducts and dryer vent. He was very thorough and reassuring in that he explained what he was doing and the condition of our ducts and vents. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone who would like this type of work done in their home.
Gail B., FL

Michael was very prompt and professional. We had a dryer duct that needed cleaning and he came to clean that out and also helped us to clean our 2 fans in our bathrooms of dust, etc. In addition, he looked at our AC unit and cleaned the bottom of some mold residue. I also had him do some extra work to look in our attic and he was so kind to help me out. He went above and beyond and I am grateful to have found him to help us. Thank you Michael!
Michelle K., FL

I decided to have my air conditioning ductwork cleaned because my wife was complaining of headaches whenever she was in the house. These headaches would cease as soon as she went out of of the house. I suspected that something in the air conditioning system was causing her problem, and looked for someone to clean the system. I contacted Michael Vollman, based on his references in Home Advisor. Michael inspected the ductwork in my home, and found that most of it was clean. He then inspected the air handler in the attic, and found that the case was damaged, causing air from the attic to be sucked into the system and blown into the house. He repaired the damage, and cleaned those parts of the system that needed cleaning. He reduced his price for the job below his quoted price in accordance with the reduced size of the job. I found him to be very professional in his work, and very fair in his pricing. I would use him again, and would recommend him to my friends. After the repairs done by Michael, my wife’s headaches have ceased.
Marvin G, FL