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Why You're Probably Noseblind to the Odors in Your Home.

It's extremely likely that if there's something stinky in your home that you probably don't know it's there. Why is that? An interesting mechanism called Olfactory fatigue. Olfactory fatigue is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after prolonged exposure. Have you ever gone out for the weekend and when you came home you noticed your house held a particular funk that you could have sworn wasn't there when you left?

You can thank this phenomenon for that! More than likely, the smell pre-existed you exiting your house, your brain had just blocked you from noticing it. Olfactory fatigue is more commonly coined as “being noseblind” to a particular odor. Going noseblind is actually a very common defense mechanism our bodies have to adapt to a familiar environment so that we can distinguish threatening odors, such as fires or gas leaks etc. So basically, the smell of rotting trash, cigarette odors, or a stinky toilet are considered threats so you eventually block them out.

Additionally, If you work and live around the same odors all day, your body will adapt and the smell will weaken over time. Eventually, you will no longer be able to recognize the smell. Ever wondered why those who smoke aren't bothered by the smell and often can't tell if or when it's becoming overwhelming?

Smoking, however, poses another issue. Smoking cigarettes will deteriorate your sense of smell over time. People who smoke cigarettes are six times more likely to have a poor sense of smell than nonsmokers. To make matters worse, cigarette smoke creates a film that clings to walls, carpets, appliances, and furniture, and eventually becomes one of the top reasons people have trouble selling their homes.

You may be accustomed to all the smells in your home, but that doesn't mean they've gone away, and this could cost you when it comes to selling. Cigarette odors, pet odors, and even odors from cooking often deter buyers, in fact it's estimated that odors can decrease a properties value by up to 30%! A majority of our clients come from property managers, realtors, and individual sellers attempting to increase the appeal of their homes.

While olfactory fatigue doesn't necessarily have or even need a treatment, some do suggest sniffing the crook of your elbow to re-establish your 'base smell'. If elbow sniffing isn't your idea of fun, the good news is you can still tackle the baseline problem by eliminating unwanted odors. Odors Gone Today can guarantee to remove the odor in your home or business in 24 hours, even cigarette odor! We use an environmentally safe, pet friendly, non-toxic, and cost efficient system that is guaranteed to remove odors from the air not just mask them!  

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