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Have You Gone Noseblind to the Cigarette Odors in Your Home?

Olfactory fatigue is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after prolonged exposure.  Olfactory fatigue is more commonly coined as “being noseblind” to a particular odor. Going noseblind is actually a very common and natural defense mechanism our bodies have to adapt to familiar a familiar environment so that we can distinguish threatening odors, such as fires or gas leaks etc.

Additionally, smoking cigarettes will deteriorate your sense of smell.  People who smoke cigarettes are more six times more likely to have a poor sense of smell than nonsmokers.   Cigarette smoke creates a film that clings to walls, carpets and furniture, and is one of the top reasons people have trouble selling their homes.

You may be accustomed to all the smells in your home and it could cost you when it comes to selling. Cigarette odors, pet odors, and even odors from cooking could deter buyers or  adversely affect the sale of your home. 

Odors Gone Today can guarantee to remove the odor in your home or business in 24 hours, even cigarette odor! We use an environmentally safe, pet friendly, non-toxic, and cost efficient system that is guaranteed to remove odors from the air not just mask them!  

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